Getting a hair transplant is certainly no small decision and one must give it enough thought before taking the plunge. It is an elective surgery and so the decision depends entirely on your perspective.


1. We work with what you have

Getting a hair transplant is a big confidence booster and definitely gives a more youthful appearance than before. It could appear like magic after the surgery, but the procedure depends on what state your hair is in. Hair transplant involves taking a graft of your own hair (most commonly from the back of your head where hair growth is genetically good.

2. It is a permanent treatment

Before taking the decision about hair restoration, do understand that it will be a permanent treatment. It is not a very cheap solution so think it through. Invest good thought and time, talk to the specialists who will guide you about the pros and cons of the procedure because once the transplant is done, it’s done.

3. Your age is a factor

There is no prescribed age or limit as to who can get a hair transplant. Young men and women below the age of 25 are generally offered topical and oral hair loss treatment options, before giving them the solution of a transplant. A transplant is however your safest bet to restore hair after the age of 30-35, since by that time the body’s natural ability to grow hair back is in its dormant stage.

4. The hair loss pattern

It is imperative to establish the kind of hair loss pattern you are experiencing before a transplant because that will decide the hair transplant design. A patient with pattern hair loss will keep losing his/her hair from the non-transplant areas, so it’s important to determine that in advance for creating a suitable graft design.

5. Transplanted hair does not need any extraordinary care

Once your hair transplant is done, there is some after care instructions for some time, but after a while you can treat it just like the rest of your hair. No special shampoos or medicated products need to be used.

6. Cost of the transplant

A hair transplant is a slightly expensive procedure, but considering the result it has on your physical appearance and confidence level, the price is worth it. Besides, the cost breakdown can be discussed for EMIs as well.

7. The right clinic

The right clinic should be able to provide you seamless and transparent knowledge about the precautions, treatments, queries, and the after care at any point of time. Team Clinic Dermatech educates you thoroughly at each and every step once you decide to undergo the procedure with us. We will ensure that you are made aware of all your options- whether you need a transplant or just hair repair treatments will do. There are various options in advanced hair repair available with us, including PRP, Meso Treatment or Stem Cell therapy. Once you decide to go for a transplant, there are options such as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and even advanced hair designs (if in case non-surgical options are viable). Our expert team will guide you through all your queries and help you choose the most ideal hair solution.

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