Of all the things that can irk a person, a muffin top or fat in the tummy area is something that everyone dislikes. There is no surprise in the fact that we all want a flat toned stomach. But, many people still rely on crunches to get rid of their belly fat. Then there are others who opt for a quick fix in the form of wearable tummy tucker apparel, but then again, owing to the barrage of options available, the quality issue remains questionable.

Here’s the fact – crunching is definitely not the most effective tummy workout, as it only works on the front and sides of your abdomen. For actual difference, one needs to target all the muscles including the upper thighs, lower back and the hips. And to do that, here is a balanced list of six exercises to reduce belly fat: –

Exercise 1 – Mountain Climber

tummy tucks exercise tone it up

Exercise 1

source: www.womenshealthmag.com

How to: –
Step 1: Begin in a pushup position and support your weight with your hands and toes.
Step 2: For the starting position, flex your knee and hip and bring one leg until the knee is under your hip.
Step 3: Reverse the leg positions in quick succession. For this, you will need to extend the bent leg until it is straight then bring the other foot to the bent position. Repeat for 20 – 30 seconds.
Works with the abs, back, legs, and arms

Exercise 2 – Side Hip Drop

tummy tucks exercise tone it up

Exercise 2

source: www.wdy.h-cdn.co

How to: –
Step 1: Lean on your left elbow (directly below your shoulder) with your body, you can raise your right arm or place it on your waist or keep it straight, whatever seems more comfortable.
Step 2: Extend your right (top) leg and then lift your body. While lifting the body, bend your left leg behind you, keeping it on the ground.
Step 3: Lower your hips a few inches then lift back up. Do small dips for 30 seconds at your own pace.
Step 4: Switch over to your other side and repeat.
Works with the waist, back, hips, and shoulders

Exercise 3 – Arrow Arm Crunch

tummy tucks exercise tone it up

Exercise 3

Source: www.wdy.h-cdn.co

How to: –
Step 1: Start on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
Step 2: Use your abs to lift your upper body off the floor while straightening your arms and bring them together.
Step 3: Reach with your ‘arrow’ to the left side, then center, then right side and back to the center.
Step 4: Repeat for 30 seconds, rest, and repeat.
Works with the abs and waist

Exercise 4 – Leg Lift

tummy tucks exercise tone it up

Exercise 4

Source: www.weightlossnook.com

There are a number of ways to vary this exercise based on the level of resistance that you want.
How to: –
Step 1: Lie on your back or lie and sit up on your elbows. You can place your hands under your hips for some lower back support, or you can place them behind your head.
Step 2: Lift your legs off the floor (variation: you can bend one knee and straighten the other).
Step 3: Lower your legs a few inches and then lift back up. The lower you go, the more challenging it will be.
Step 4: Continue for 30 seconds, then rest and repeat. If you bend one leg, repeat with the other leg as well.
Works with the lower abs and waist

Exercise 5 – Side Squat Reach

tummy tucks exercise tone it up

Exercise 5

Source: www.40.media.tumblr.com

How to: –
Step 1: Get down into a wide squat with your feet outside and knees bent. Ensure that your knees don’t cross your toes. As a beginner, you can also opt to avoid the squat until you are comfortable with it.
Step 2: Keep your upper body straight and raise your right arm to reach over to your left.
Step 3: Bring back your arm and repeat with your left arm reaching to the right.
Step 4: Repeat motion for about 60 seconds.
Works with the abs, waist, shoulders, back, and thighs

Exercise 6 – Torso Twist

tummy tucks exercise tone it up

Exercise 6

Source: www.cdn.theglow.com.au

How to: –
Step 1: Stand up straight and lift ad bend your arms out to your sides so that your fists come next to your ears.
Step 2: Lift your left knee to right elbow while twisting your torso.
Step 3: Return to the starting position and repeat for 30 seconds.
Step 4: Switch sides and repeat for another 30 seconds.
Works with the abs, shoulders, and thighs

These simple exercises can be done easily at home, and aren’t very time consuming, and unlike a tummy tucker device, will give effective and sustainable results. Buckle up, be religious about working out, and do it regularly; the results will soon show, and they’ll be a reward for the dedication you would have put in.


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