Gone are the times when problems pertaining to hair and skin were given least attention and only the elite class queued up outside dermatologist clinics to get access to effective and costly cosmetic solutions. Today, the growing need among people to look attractive, increasing awareness about the magic of medicinal and technological tools have led many people to seek lasting solutions for skin and hair related issues. The presence of thousands of cosmetic clinics- with all claiming to provide world-class beauty services with aid from cutting-edge technological tools- makes people confuse as to which service provider would best serve their requirements. When in doubt about the finest hair care and skin solutions provider, choose Clinic Dermatech.

Advance Hair Restoration

With changing times, the problem of hair fall has also grown manifold. Nowadays, most people approaching dermatologists suffer from extreme hair fall or hair damage problems. Hair fall – if not treated effectively and in timely manner-often leads to baldness and resultantly hampers the confidence of men and women suffering from it. Recognizing the need to treat this issue at the earliest with effective results, people are making use of the patented technologies in the field of advanced hair restoration.

Choosing Clinic Dermatech to treat the problem of hair fall is a wise thing to do as it has gained remarkable reputation in the field of skin and hair care with the help of its world-class technologies and highly skilled team of damage control experts. The initiation of latest, high-end services and use of scientific advancements help Clinic Dermatech to counter the problem of hair fall faced by its clients. Whether someone is at initial stages of hair fall or those whose delayed response to hair fall treatment have left them with little treatment choices other than hair transplant surgery- Clinic Dermatech delivers quick and effective solutions for all kinds of hair fall problems.

 Hair Restoration

Investing in hair restoration program requires patience, time, effort and also good deal of money. Hence, it is imperative that one chooses only the most professional, experienced and trustworthy skin and hair care clinic to get optimum results. Trusting Clinic Dermatech for addressing the concerns related to hair fall and restoring the fuller and heavier hair growth is a good decision. There are various treatments for hair fall and hair care specialists will chalk out a customized plan to suit the individual needs and bring back the hair growth to its most fuller and natural appearance. Specialists at the Clinic Dermatech are also experienced and knowledgeable in the clinically proven medical treatment of hair restoration called the PRP or “Platelet Rich Plasma” Therapy. This is a safe and natural method where hair growth is catalyzed with the use of plasma from one’s own blood.

The plethora of programs for hair damage control, repair and achieving silky, shiny, thick, long and heavy hair growth at the Clinic Dermatech are designed to suit the varied needs of individual clients.  Consultation with an expert present at the clinic to help one choose the right hair restoration and hair growth plan can make all the difference one needs. Apart from the hair transplant surgery, Clinic Dermatech also provides non-surgical hair growth process for all those who do not wish to go under the knife for treating hair fall problems. Restore natural hair growth and look your best with a scalp full of shinier, silky and thick, long hair with assistance from Clinic Dermatech.


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