Want to get rid of those extra pounds in your body without going under the knife or following a special diet or exercise regimen? Opt for CryoSculpting- a unique, non-invasive method of treating fat cells in specific areas of body and removing them without any downtime. It is one of the most preferred alternatives to complex surgical options like liposuction and other risky, fat-removing surgeries. This innovative way of contouring freezes the stubborn fat in targeted areas and does not bring about any change in untreated parts of the body. This cool sculpting procedure can be performed on both men and women at Clinic Dermatech, thereby helping them to look their slimmer best by getting rid of those ugly love handles and pesky bulges around the waist or that double chin.


Insight behind CryoSculpting

CryoSculpting procedure is based on the principle as that of popsicles, which on detailed research proved that they eliminated small pockets of fat cells accumulated near the cheeks of small kids and formed dimples when they ate it. The analogy of butter also applies to CryoSculpting procedure. As a cube of butter becomes hard and rigid on freezing inside the refrigerator, in the same way stubborn fat gets eliminated from the cells when computer controlled cooling technology is applied. With careful use of CryoSculpting applicator, the fat cells in specific areas are removed and body can be contoured to give a perfect shape in the targeted area of the body of the person opting for this procedure.

How does CryoSculpting work?               

Based on this idea that cold can remove fat cells or treat them to reduce fat in targeted body area without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues or changing the skin cells, CryoSculpting procedure has been designed to get rid of bulges and extra flab in particular body parts. Experts and practitioners at Clinic Dermatech use a vacuum applicator and they freeze the fat cells by placing the targeted fat tissues and the overlying skin between two cooling metal plates. Warmer temperatures make the lipid in fat cells to crystallize.

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After a few weeks of the treatment, the fat cells treated by CryoSculpting procedure are crystallized (frozen) and they die. Within a few weeks, the fat of the body gets naturally processed and dead cells are eliminated, thereby leaving you with fewer fat cells in the targeted area. This CryoSculpting procedure kills fat of targeted areas, thereby giving you a sculpted body without suffering any pain or causing any damage to surrounding tissues.

Customized Plans Designed at Clinic Dermatech to Do Away with Fat Cells

At Clinic Dermatech, practitioners, who are experts in performing the computer controlled cooling technology – CryoSculpting will design the treatment plan to suit your needs as everyone’s body is different and the result of this procedure differs from individual to individual.  Our doctors and clinical staff will take time to discuss your plans of reshaping your body and accordingly customize a holistic approach for removing the fat cells with the use of this procedure and giving you a sculpted body. Call and schedule a meeting with experts at Clinic Dermatech for a fat reduction through CryoSculpting.


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