Remaining a timeless diva is every woman’s secret dream. But nowadays, with increasing stress in work and home, irregular work schedule, and eating habits, it is taking a toll on our skin. Along with aging of your skin, there are numerous other problems you face, like pigmentation, stretch marks, puffy eyelids, acne and many more. At Clinic Dermatech, we provide advanced solutions for your skin aging and restore your bright and young skin. Since it is the season of wedding and festivity, we suggest you get in touch with our anti-aging solutions expert for more details.


Anti Aging Solutions

1)      Beautytek

At Clinic Dermatech we ensure that all your skin problems are reduced. We help you deal with symptoms associated with skin aging with our advanced, non-surgical “beautytek” treatment.

The all new beautytek light procedure involves special Hyaluronic acid molecules which are injected into the skin. This treatment is painless, non-invasive and compatible with almost all the skin types. The skin can easily absorb the skin molecules externally which smoothen the wrinkles on your skin. The skin retains its natural tightness, youthfulness and freshness of the skin. The beautytek procedure comprises of three different types of wavelengths which gently applies the low energy light on your skin with maximum effects on your wrinkles.

 2)      Skin Resurfacing


This is another treatment done with Beautytek, combined with modern German Technology and delivers stimulation pulses to the perfect acupressure points. Clinic Dermatech believes that skin aging is caused by lack of oxygen in the skin tissues. If you want to go for a facelift but want to avoid surgery, then there are a number of skin tightening procedures like:

a)      Intense Pulsed Light or IPL technology removes any kind of imperfections from your skin, like sun tan, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. This technology helps control acne breakouts, formation of pores and blackheads, oil production etc. You can apply IPL technology on your neck, hands, arms where you feel the need of skin tightening. If your skin is too sensitive for lasers, you can use this technology.

b)      Erbium Yag Laser is a reputed anti aging laser therapy. It gives you the perfect and permanent solutions for skin improvement, wrinkle reduction, acne treatment, skin resurfacing and many more. This laser treatment accelerates the collagen production in your skin which lightens and smoothes the skin and reduces the sagginess of your skin and puffiness of your eyelids. If you are suffering from some kind of redness or swelling from the face lift procedure, then the cool light of the Erbium Laser results in the healing.

c)       The CO2 laser helps in smoothening of the skin by removing the deep wrinkles. It also helps in removal of scars, moles, and excess skin growth.

d)      Laser He – Ne + I.R revitalize your skin and provide a long lasting fairness and glow. This treatment suits any skin type of all age groups. It applies a combination of Helium Neon and Infrared Scanning Laser therapy which helps in your skin revitalization.


Apart from that, there are numerous other treatments which you can avail including botox, filler, glycolic peel, and microdermabrasion. Get in touch with our skin care experts to know more about the treatments, which is suitable for you and how many sessions would you require.


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