Getting a fitness regime in your daily routine is a must if you are looking forward to a healthy and trouble-free life. Most of us eat those unwanted carbs and get lazy when it comes to working out.Hence, we end up adding love handles and tires on our body. However, it is not necessary that everyone is overweight because of eating unhealthy. Some of us may be obese because of issues like thyroid or we have been obese since childhood.


Whatever the case be, the focus is on “How to get that Perfect body shape and get fit with each passing day?” Here are some quick tips that will help you progress towards fitness, confidence, and a better body shape.

  •  Start your day by drinking lemon, honey and water. Many of us think that we have done it for a long time and it has not helped yet. Well, we would say that together they are the host of enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. They are in relatively small amounts, but they really count on an empty stomach.
  •  Exercise: The true mantra of staying fit is by working out. You can never know, what a human body can achieve until and unless you push it further. Try new challenges every day. Walk, run, do Zumba, dance, lift weights, kickbox, push little extra on the leg day, but be consistent and honest about your workout routine.Tip: A shot of espresso makes you go a long while before a workout.
  •  Fiber: If you are drinking fruit juice every day, stop it right away. Eat your fruits as juices are pure sugar nothing else. Drink vegetable juice if you wish to drink juices. Lower the carb intake of your day, and you will start seeing results if you follow it religiously for 21 days.
  •  Go for Ultrasonic Cavitation: Cavitation creates shock waves that selectively damage the membranes of the adipocytes (fat cells), spilling the liquid fat into the blood stream and lymphatic system, and finally to the liver to be metabolized.During Cavitation, excess liquid or lymphatic toxins are drained from the body via the urinary system. Hence Cavitation will help your body to metabolize better.
  •  Sleep: There is nothing like a good sleep. With the work that you do the entire day your body gets tired and you need a good 8 hours sleep to revive yourself. You feel active and you will have a better stamina if you have rested well.


 Lastly, it is important that you understand that cheating is easy,  but if you take care of your diet, sleep and workout schedule you will see results. Keep taking pictures of the work in progress. There will definitely be a difference between your before and after pictures. If you need a free consultation and mentoring, Clinic Dermatech is just a call away.


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