Almost all of us desire to have a toned body and get a slimmer look. However, it is quite an arduous task to cut down excessive body fat and reach the desired fitness goals. There is loads of information on weight loss and the ways to remove the flab but knowing the right solution for your body is indeed important. The overload of information on weight loss and inch loss along with the presence of multiple options- right from surgery to drastic diets and other quick-fix solutions – often leaves many perplexed about the correct method to lose inches in the safest and fastest manner. For this purpose, Clinic Dermatech has introduced 360 degree science of Body Shaping.

Body shaping

Safe and customized treatment to treat cellulite

With a comprehensive approach towards sculpting the body to help an individual get a perfect hour-glass figure, body shaping by Clinic Dermatech is personalized to fit the requirements of each individual opting for it. This non-surgical procedure is targeted to deliver results with the aid of technological tools and proven nutritional scientific methods. It allows for complete customization to meet the unique body fitness needs of each patient. The best part about this body shaping is that it is 100 % safe and combines the powers of the top-class technologies and conventional, established therapies to give the finest results.

Beautytek helps in body contouring

One such system is the beautytek which is an illustration of how modern technology is used by experienced dermatologists to harness the remarkable power of the body for damage-repair, self-restoration and further enables it to reshape to meet the desired fitness goals. It is one of the safest and painless alternatives to surgical and other complex body shaping procedures. This German system involves the use of a micro current on acupuncture points after complete diagnosis of the physiological conditions and requirements of the person choosing it to achieve amazing therapeutic results.

Body Shaping

Radio Frequency to destroy fat cells and treat wrinkles

Beautytek is also combined with a few other therapies to give best possible effects. Among these therapies, radio frequency is quite an important part of the body shaping mechanism at Clinic Dermatech. It works well to tighten the skin of the face and body and give it the elasticity that it once possessed in the younger days. With the help of radio frequency, wrinkles on the face can be treated effectively. Dramatic improvement in shaping the body can be witnessed when bipolar radio frequency and vacuum-pulsed negative pressure are combined.

Ultrasonic cavitations and galvanic phenomenon aids in weight reduction

Another effective therapy that works well in combination with beautytek to deliver stunning results in context of weight loss and body shaping is the ultrasonic cavitation and galvanic phenomenon. This biological procedure entail the formation of steam bubbles in between cells and after formation of bubbles, low frequency ultrasound is applied to pockets of steam. Shock waves created by the ultrasound damage the membranes of the fat cells and leads to the spilling of liquid fat into blood stream and are finally drained from the body through the urinary tract. Besides remarkable weight loss results, galvanic therapy aims to disperse liquid retention, promote lymph circulation and drainage, boost blood circulation and improve skin’s health.

Finally with 360 degree science of Body Shaping methods of Clinic Dermatech, there is a painless, safe and effective alternative to surgical procedures to contour the body and reduce excessive fat deposits.


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