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Dry skin has been an issue that has been plaguing the populace since God knows when. With time, people have come up with dozens of home-made recipes and hacks to take care of it. In fact, people have done anything and everything in their power to get rid of that tight leathery feeling and that constant flaky look that skin tends to take on. However, most of the solutions available are only partially effective, and not that long lasting.

Taking on the winters head on

One cannot simply bow down before winters and let dry skin run the rule over their body. We are a modern civilization, and giving up without a fight seems a docile way to go about it. What is required is a perfect ‘beauty blend’ to combat the plague of dry skin. We might accept that dryness in the skin is inevitable as the weather grows cooler, but what we do not have to accept is the adverse effects that it has on our skin. For this very reason, to facilitate the war against the dryness of skin this winter season, Clinic Dermatech presents the special Luminizing Body Butter by Ciel.

Not only does this luminizing body butter spread easily and melt effortlessly into your skin, it suits all skin types making it an ideal cream for all. It delivers an intense and long lasting hydration to the skin that can be experienced throughout the day, sparing you from having to moisturize time and again.

An efficacious concoction

The Luminizing Body Butter by Ciel has within it a rather unique blend of Shea, Cocoa, and Kokum butter. While Shea is known for its exceptional healing properties, Kokum infuses freshness in the skin and Cocoa prevents the skin cells from premature oxidation or destruction, making you look and feel younger.  This singular concoction of premium ingredients provides deep nourishment to the skin, as a result of which, the skin is left feeling incredibly soft, radiant and glowing.

Apart from the incomparable benefits of providing its users with a smooth and supple exterior with no dryness in evidence, the luminizing body butter by Ciel also contains age defying antioxidants that include vitamin E and almond oil. A clinically proven ingredient with restorative properties, Vitamin E improves the texture of the skin and helps get rid of various skin problems. Also, the almond oil being light in texture, can easily penetrate deep into the skin and further soften and dislodge the dirt accumulated in the skin pores leaving you with a brighter looking skin. These ingredients certainly are the ones which along with moisturizing also help in providing the skin with a supple feel as well as give it a youthful appearance.

Besides being abundant with skin nourishing and rejuvenating properties, it is an inexpensive skin care product and can be bought at a very nominal price. Say no to dryness this winter season with the intense moisturizing and antioxidants of the Luminizing Body Butter by Ciel.


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