Chin Augmentation

We all desire an aesthetically pleasing side profile. The side profile is often ignored by most of us because you don’t often see yourself from the side.  Do this when you look at yourself in the mirror next time. Just look sideways and check if your chin is sitting far enough forwards or no. It is common for people to have a ‘weak chin’ or a chin that is not protruding outward enough, which can give an appearance of imbalance. 

If this is something that affects your confidence, at Clinic Dermatech we can provide a wide range of solutions, from chin augmentation surgery to injectables like dermal fillers or chin implants, which will balance your facial features. 

Dermal Fillers for Chin Augmentation

One can also bring changes to the shape of the chin with dermal fillers, which is one of the most sought after treatments at Clinic Dermatech. These fillers fill out the volume of the chin and jaw, giving the appearance of a normal jawbone.

There is an array of dermal fillers available and the doctors at Clinic Dermatech can help you choose the best-suited filler for your need which can last for 9-18 months.

In addition to filler, Botox can also be injected into the chin which will soften the chin muscle, called the mentalis. When the chin contracts, it forms a dimply or pebbled appearance which can enduringly wrinkle the chin area.

There is no downtime for injectable treatments and one can see the changes immediately. Your dermal filler treatment must be undetectable and artistic. Most of the clients request that the changes should be good enough to change the face for the better and yet be subtle enough for no one to comment on it. All everyone wants is good compliments and our doctors, who are highly trained in the art of cosmetic injections will ensure that you put your best face forward.

Chin Augmentation Surgery for a better-shaped chin

Chin augmentation surgery is a procedure that successfully amends the appearance of both the chin and the jaw. Many clients choose to undergo the surgical procedure as they are dissatisfied with the look of their side jaw profile. In some cases, the chin augmentation surgery procedure is performed alongside corrective jaw surgery. This helps to improve facial symmetry and enhances the overall appearance of the facial features.

There are several ways to conduct Chin Augmentation:

·     Advancement Genioplasty

·     Reduction Genioplasty

·     Side to side Genioplasty

·     Vertical changes in chin height, such as making the chin longer or shorter.

If you are dissatisfied with the form of your chin and jaw, we encourage you to come in for a consultation at Clinic Dermatech to see if a chin augmentation surgery procedure is right for you.


Genioplasty is a procedure used to improve the appearance of a person’s chin. This can take the form of chin height reduction, rounding, or augmentation using an osteotomy (cutting the bone) or implants.

Genioplasty is an aesthetic surgery that involves mobilizing a horseshoe-shaped piece of the bottom part of the chin bone by osteotomy and sliding it either backward or forward, finally fixing it in place with two or three little titanium screws. The results of Genioplasty surgery can appear very natural when performed correctly. 

At Clinic Dermatech, Genioplasty is performed by leading plastic surgeons who are experts in the field.

Chin Implant

One way to assess whether you have an unbalanced chin is to view your profile in a mirror. Draw an invisible line directly down from your upper lip to lower lip. If your chin falls behind the line, it is a sign of a receding chin. You may be a suitable candidate for chin implants for chin augmentation.

Chin implants offer clients symmetry and proportion to the rest of their face. Results often create a defined jawline from the profile and frontal view.

Chin implants have become popular because they offer expectable and enduring results. They maintain their shape; they perfect clients’ profiles while maintaining a natural appearance. Additionally, they restore symmetry and balance to the face.

Chin implants are made of safe, pliable material and come in a range of sizes and shapes to fit a person’s facial structure. Visible scarring is minimal in chin implant surgery since the surgeon makes the incisions either under the chin or inside the mouth.

Best Clinic for Chin Augmentation

You may not think about it much, but the chin can greatly affect the overall appearance of your face. A chin that is too prominent can make your face seem too long, while a chin that’s not prominent may make your nose and mouth area seem disproportionately prominent. Book your appointment with Clinic Dermatech today to explore how you a more proportionate chin can improve your appearance. 

You can book any of the mentioned services by visiting or walking into your nearest Clinic Dermatech located at Delhi NCR (New Delhi, NOIDA, Gurgaon, Faridabad), Agra, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kurukshetra, and Mumbai.

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