The decision to undergo aesthetic surgery is incredibly personal for any client of Clinic Dermatech (India’s most popular Cosmetic Dermatology clinic), and it comes with great deal of emotions throughout the entire process- from pre-surgery apprehension to post-surgery dejection. As you prepare yourself for physical recovery, you should also know what it takes emotionally as you recover. Depending on the procedure and consequences, it can take up to a year to see the final results, and it is absolutely normal for you to experience wide range of emotions during this time!

As we see, interest in aesthetic surgery is booming— particularly among seniors over the age 55. However, along with the increased popularity, there comes the question- Is aesthetic surgery safe for older patients? Well, the answer to this question is vividly explained by the expert surgeons of Clinic Dermatech. Continue reading….


Undergoing any medical surgery can make people feel worried about their safety. Although aesthetic surgery has proven to be safe, there is always some kind of risk associated with any kind of medical procedure. This is true both at the time of surgery and during recovery time afterwards. Before scheduling a medical surgery, you should review the surgeon including his/her qualifications and year of experience in this field.

Pre-Surgery Consultation

To ensure safe surgery and the best post-surgical outcome, we ask our clients to disclose their complete medical history to their concerned aesthetic surgeon prior to surgery. This may include all prescription and over the counter medications they are presently taking, past surgeries, health problems and past and present health conditions. Our surgeon will carry out a comprehensive physical examination to make sure that no single health condition remains undetected that would prevent a successful outcome of the surgery.

Surgical and Post-Surgical Complication

Studies show that some people have a serious reaction to anaesthesia, even without any previous history of reaction. The extent or the level of anaesthesia uses by the surgeon depends on the complexity of the surgery. In that case, complications may occur with general anaesthesia rather than local anaesthesia.

Temporary Numbness


Cosmetic surgery may also have risks other than anaesthesia. One of these is skin death or skin numbness that develops after contracting an infection. Since this is common among smokers, patients must give up smoking to undergo aesthetic surgery.

We often advice our clients that they may also experience slow healing when they do not follow their doctor’s advice. However, other factors contributing towards slow healing may include age, skin type, surgery complications and health problems that neither the patient nor surgeon could have expected.

Overall, it can be stated that aesthetic surgery is safe for people of all age if the surgery is done by expert cosmetic surgeon. We invite our clients, of any age, to learn more about the surgery procedure of choice. Our surgeons take every precaution available to reduce the risk of complications and make the process safe and smooth. Clinic Dermatech is dedicated to give its clients safe and beautiful aesthetic results from surgery without any set back. With us, beauty can be caused with good skills.


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