Weight Loss and Body Shaping

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This blog is not to add to the ever-growing list of tips &tricks to lose weight or inches through different methods talked about on TV channels or magazines. This blog is not to boast about how much weight you can lose in a short period of time. This, in fact, is about sense; this is about the holistic approach that would get you back in the original body shape without any surgery or pills.

It is a 360 degree science for body shaping, a personalized solution which aims to help an individual get back into that ideal shape. It is a non-surgical process integrated with world class technologies that ensures the best possible results.

Giving you a variety of Aesthetic Wellness treatments


An intelligent evolution that is a blend of modern technology & traditional Chinese medicine, Beautytek harnesses the body’s powerful mechanisms for self-repair and enabling the body to reshape itself. This treatment is rather pleasant and relaxing for you, as you just need to lie back on the couch and the Beautytek system takes care of the rest.

Know it to trust it: Beautytek is a German system that works with a micro current on acupuncture points along meridian lines, a technique that is widely employed in Chinese therapy. The Beautytek system consists of a sensor module linked to a computer in which intuitive software guides the therapist through each treatment sequence – step-by-step. Beautytek analyses the body area to be treated and diagnoses the physiological conditions and requirements before starting the treatment.

Radio Frequency (Bipolar)

Radio frequency therapy is for re-tightening the skin of the face and body. It helps you get rid of the aging signs like wrinkles and even open pores. As a final result, you can expect improvement in the firmness and tension of the skin (lifting effect).

Know it to trust it: Radio Frequency uses electromagnetic high frequency waves to treat the dilated pores and also reduce facial wrinkles. The electromagnetic waves are combined with infrared light and delivered to skin through a precise thermal heating. Bipolar radio frequency and vacuum-pulsed negative pressure are very effective in weight loss and consequently, body sculpting.

Ultrasonic Cavitation & Galvanic

This therapy disperses fluid retention, stimulates blood circulation and encourages lymph circulation & drainage. With this process, you cannot just expect weight reduction and overall lightness, but a significant improvement in skin health as well.

Know it to trust it: Cavitation creates formation of pockets of steam [bubbles] within interstitial [in between cells] areas. These pockets are then made to implode by the action of low frequency ultrasound (30-40 KHz). This creates shock waves that selectively damage the membranes of the adipocytes (fat cells), spilling the liquid fat into the blood stream and lymphatic system, and finally to the liver to be metabolized. It is scientifically proven that after a session of cavitation, excess liquid or lymphatic toxins are drained from the body via the urinary system.

Your body is your temple; let us help restore it.


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