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Cold nights, comfy pullovers, hot tea, soft stockings, warm gloves, a good book – all these things combine to encapsulate a perfect winter day. However, during this perfect winter day, you cannot neglect the chilly temperatures & whipping winds that result in dry & flaky skin which can get pretty irritating. Luckily, there are a lot of simple skincare tips to brave the cold, and still keep your skin soft and supple. Just read on and follow our advice:

Clear away dry skin with moisturizer

Yes, everyone knows how important moisturizers are during winters. But do you know how to or when to apply moisturizer to lock all its benefits in your skin? Just after you take shower is the right time when you need to apply moisturizer on your skin. Do not step out before applying it because when the doors are closed, there is some humidity in the shower room which helps moisturizer to easily sit in your skin.
Also, have a different moisturizer for your face and body. Since the skin on your face is comparatively more sensitive, invest in one good oil based moisturizer that can take care of your skin during harsh winters.

Role of Sunscreens do not end with end of summers

Even during winters, the sun can play spoilsport and damage your beautiful skin. Continue your habit of applying sunscreen lotions on your face & hands while stepping out on a sunny winter day.

wunter blog

Avoid hot water bath

Yes, it feels great to have a hot water bath during chilling winters. But did you know that this hot water can steal the moisture from your skin. Yes, intense heat of hot water leads to loss of skin moisture, so instead of hot water, prefer lukewarm water bath.

Take proper hair care
Winters doesn’t just make your body skin dry, it does the same to your scalp as well, which as a result brings dandruff. Make sure that you regularly give hot oil massage to your scalp, and go for deep conditioning once in a while. Drinking water at regular intervals to keep yourself hydrated would also help you fight dryness.

No more chapped lips:

Chapped lips become a norm during winters, so make sure that you make lip balm your best friend during chilly days. However, in case this too doesn’t help and make your lips flaky, you need to exfoliate your skin with a soft toothbrush and keep applying lip balm throughout the day.

Winter is coming. Be prepared, be aware, and your skin shall continue to glow as usual.


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