Hairloss is a common problem in men more than women. Every third man faces hair loss and we offer a solution that will solve the hair loss problem naturally. Before you read the article take this amazing free package from us…. (A free appointment for scalp analysis)

In this article, we will tell you how to get your hair back. Hairloss is a common problem these days because of stress, pollution, genetics, hormones, and many other factors. But with FUE and FUT technology, we ensure our customers that we will restore their real looks. We have a team of experienced doctors whose work speaks for them. Once you have done the transplant you will see the change you always wanted.

Why is Hair Loss so Common in Men?

Hair loss in men is more common due to the presence of the hormone testosterone in them. This hormone gets converted into Dihydro testosterone. If you are facing a hair loss meet our trichologist to get consultation on the right way of diagnosis.


 Our Treatment

Hair transplant care by Clinic Dermatech and the treatment we offer is quite holistic in its approach. We have procedures that are painless and do not need any change in lifestyle. Once you are done with the transplant, you can shampoo and even dye your hair. The growth of the hair is natural and you can get it trimmed and styled as you want. Even if you go bald, the hair will regrow. The scars from our procedure are minimalistic and are not visible.

How Can You Prevent Hair Fall?

Most of us wait till the baldness has reached 70-80%. But it is better to get diagnosed at a stage where the hairloss is only 20-30%. If diagnosed early, you will not need surgeries at all. People with genetic hair fall problem must keep this in mind and approach doctors to understand how they can prevent complete baldness.


Early diagnosed hairfall cases are given remedies that not only delay hair loss but also improves the quality of current hair. We have various surgical and nonsurgical procedure that will help you regain your looks and confidence.

 Basic Home Remedies You can Take

  •  Go for hair spas and take head massages on a regular basis.
  •  Do not skip vital nutrients that are needed for hair like – vitamin E
  •  Do not go for excessive hair color, hair straightening or hair styling treatments. All these lead to hair loss
  •  Dandruff also leads to hair fall, hence pay attention to it immediately.
  •  Have a good sleep.
  •  Meditation also helps you prevent hair loss.


Clinic Dermatech has a lot of experience in skin and hair care. And if you are missing your hair and you want to restore your youth. Please meet our doctors who are specialized in hair care and hair transplant. They will suggest you remedies that can be life changing. And, you will never miss that hair again!


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