Most of us pay very less or almost no attention to our locks until it gets too late and they disappear completely. Hair fall is a common problem and we often neglect it or even when we see it worsening at a rapid pace, we fail to treat it in a timely and an effective manner. Failure to treat the problem of falling hair and thinning of hair follicles on time often leaves many with a bald head. For such people, hair transplant is a highly effective option to get back the lost hair on their bald patch. It is a surgical procedure that entails pulling out of hair follicles from the donor site and placing them on the recipient site by an experienced hair transplant surgeon.

Hair Transplant

Choose certified and ethically driven Clinic Dermatech for hair transplant

The highly competitive and rapidly changing aesthetics industry has led to the rise of many dermatology clinics. Among the hordes of cosmetic clinics around India, many put up tall claims of restoring fuller and thicker hair growth through their effective hair transplant method. However, only a few cosmetic clinics have been successful in establishing themselves as premium solution provider of cosmetic treatments. Among these few, Clinic Dermatech is one such cosmetic dermatology clinic that has built a reputation of providing effective solutions designed to suit every individual’s requirements.  Both procedures of hair transplant – FUT Strip Harvest and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are performed at Clinic Dermatech.

Benefits of taking services from Clinic Dermatech

Clinic Dermatech is equipped with top-notch technological tools and finest, qualified staff to carry out hair transplant treatment. It has the world’s best machines, some of which cannot be even found in other cosmetic clinics present in India. The state-of-the-art cosmetic clinic is managed by certified and licensed professionals in the field of cosmetic industry.  Our expert hair care doctors provide permanent solutions for re-growth of hair and design personalized treatment plans without causing any side-effects. We have well-trained and reliable practitioners to deliver high quality treatment plans to fit within the requirement of individuals approaching us.

Get Back Lost Hair

Delivering quality, safe and effective solutions

The team of expert doctors and highly trained practitioners at Clinic Dermatech delivers instant to permanent solutions for hair growth without causing any side effects for their patients. The success rate of such patients at the clinic is highest in the industry, thereby speaking volumes about the effectiveness of the customized transplant procedures followed under expert supervision in the clinic.  Sometimes the doctors at the Clinic would recommend a mega single session but other times multiple procedures are recommended, depending on the patient’s comfort level and also taking into consideration his medical conditions. Majority of the patients approaching Clinic Dermatech do not switch over to other treatment plans and cosmetic clinics because of their faith in our procedures.   Not only do they follow cosmetic therapy and hair transplant methods seriously but also recommend other patients to visit us.

Call us today or visit our clinic to consult with our doctors and book a hair transplant treatment session. Get back your lost hair and confidence back into your life in no time at all with our painless, cost-effective and convenient treatment plans!


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