It’s not surprising that when it comes to dating, both men and women will have a number of criteria that need to be fulfilled, from height, figure to financial stability, complexion to even fertility. Hair loss, obviously, is also of them and it is something that clients approaching Clinic Dermatech often mark it as a factor when considering a hair transplant. Following results, it is rewarding to hear patients giving satisfactory comment on their improved self-esteem and a turning point in their love life.

This got me thinking how a hairline plays a significant role on the dating couples and researches proved that a person with full head of hair are more likely to win the ladies’ interest than a thin hair guy.


As the rate of male transplant procedures continues to increase, it is no wonder to note that an increasing percentage of younger men consulting Clinic Dermatech for advanced hair restoration. Gone are the days of it being the only business of wealthy
and famous people. Today, increasing number of young men and women are availing the service as they are faced with hair fall challenges. As hair restoration industry is rapidly growing, a variety of options and methods are available for patients to consider. While surgery isn’t for everyone, there is non-surgical hair replacement that solves hair loss without any surgical procedure.

Advanced hair design from Clinic Dermatech is the way to get back the overall hair density and a new hair style without the use of needles. The solutions are customized to suit every hair type. Our hair systems are made of highest quality materials thus guaranteeing the wearer to have a naturally looking hair and a comfortable fit.


The best thing you can do is to find out what is the right hair restoration program for you is to make an appointment with a hair specialist at Clinic Dermatech. Our experts can assess your hair and then suggest on which program can give you an effective result and gain the total confidence that you are looking for in a particular hair loss program tailored to suit your specific hair loss needs. We believe love is in the (H)air for balding youths and we take the pride to offer the best hair restoration treatment in the town.

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