Diwali, the most-awaited festival is here and so is the stress of shopping, cleaning the house, parties, preparing sweets and snacks and with all this comes, less sleep. With greater exposure to pollution, Diwali also happens to be a festival when your skin gets subjected to dust, chemicals, pollutants, and smoke. With the onset of winter, heralded by Diwali, your skin gets dry and dehydrated.

So, before you get into the festive spirit, spare a moment for yourself too. Go in for facials and skin care treatments to enhance that glow. Here’s what Clinic Dermatech is offering – an Exclusive Facial Rejuvenating Package – for both men and women. Our bespoke festive aesthetic treatments are the best thing you can avail this Diwali.

Get Flawless Radiant Skin

Of course, the wonderful festival will bring the inner glow, but you need to work on the outside. Clinic Dermatech unveils the secrets to a radiant, glowing and evenly toned skin. Depending on the complexion, we suggest treatments that can vary from a chemical peel to an advanced medical facial.

Treating Dark Eye Circles

Want to get rid of annoying puffiness and those pesky dark circles! If so, then forget that oh-so-vital-part-of-makeup-kit, the concealer and consider visiting Clinic Dermatech. Dark circles may be caused not just because of sleep deprivation, but other reasons as well. High-end technology in the form of medical-grade under-eye creams, laser treatments, chemical peels and collagen fillers can make you look fresh and less tired.

Glowing and Spotless Back

Be confident while wearing that special off-shoulder dress or deep-cut blouses this Diwali. At Clinic Dermatech, we offer aesthetic treatments that can help clear pigmentation spots or pimples on the back. The spots and sun damaged skin will be treated in no time and you are sure to be complimented on your glowing back.

Rejuvenation Package from Clinic Dermatech

Rejuvenation is a buzzword in clinics and beauty salon, but do you know what does it actually mean? With advanced rejuvenation treatment, your skin will be clearer, brighter and generally more glowing, according to expert dermatologists of Clinic Dermatech. The treatments will improve the skin tone and reduce the impact of ageing on your skin.

Shine on this Diwali!
Your clothes and jewellery are gorgeously striking. Complement the look with pastel shades makeup and a radiant skin which looks vibrant yet natural. Put on your happy faces with Clinic Dermatech this Diwali.

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