Laser Hair Removal

Many women are often greeted with the task of removing their hair at least twice in a month. Most men do it every day and even though many women may deny it,  body hair does decide the clothes that one wears. 

Many wish for a more permanent solution to shaving or waxing and while there is a general awareness about laser hair removal being the most lasting option, many people do not even try it due to reasons that can be compared to being old wives tales. One of the reasons is being worried about pain while the second worry is the cost factor and lastly, the burning question of how long does laser hair removal last?

What is Laser Hair Removal?

According to the specialists of Clinic Dermatech, Laser Hair Removal uses pulses of laser energy to destroy the hair down to the root. The hair follicle is targeted by the laser which absorbs the heat and is thus destroyed.  Laser hair removal works when the laser seeks the melanin (the darker pigment) in the hair follicle rather than in the skin itself.

As the density or concentration of the pigment melanin in the skin surface is considerably less than the hair shaft so that the laser light is mainly absorbed by the intended target.

Laser hair removal works best on hair that is darker than the skin tone itself. This is the reason that laser hair reduction works best on black hair and gives inconsistent results on grey or white hair. 

The surrounding skin structure is not injured or affected by the high energy beam of light that comprises the laser-light pulses. 

(Keep reading for all the intel before booking your appointment if you want to know more about Laser Hair Reduction at Clinic Dermatech and how long does laser hair removal last) 

Factors to see before Laser Hair Removal

Before choosing a laser, the staff at Clinic Dermatech takes into account important factors like skin tone, hair colour, hair coarseness and even tattoos and medications that the client is taking. 

Pregnant women should avoid getting Laser Hair Reduction. If one is taking antibiotics (whether oral or topical), one should have completed the course for one or two weeks before the laser appointment as antibiotics make the skin vulnerable. 

One should also avoid using retinoids for 3-5 days before the laser treatment for the same reason. One should not bleach the skin (as many women do to avoid facial hair being seen) before the appointment. 

Another factor to keep in mind is that the menstrual cycle of females. The skin is extra sensitive when one is a week away from the start of a period, so one should schedule after it has ended. 

What Lasers are used in Laser Hair Reduction?

Though laser hair removal became popular some 25 years back, it has advanced a lot since then. Many lasers and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) devices that have been developed over the years make laser hair removal a safe process while giving credible results. 

For lasers to work well in reducing the hair, the hair has to be of a darker tone than the skin. For this purpose, the IPL laser works well on dark hair and lighter skin tones. Alexandrite lasers have shorter wavelengths of 820 nm and are used to treat lighter skin tones while for darker skin tones, Clinic Dermatech offers Nd:YAG Lasers, Diode Lasers and also the latest innovation of Triple Wavelength Lasers, which incorporate laser of 3 different wavelengths in each pulse!

Clinic Dermatech offers the latest and medically advanced lasers and customised solutions for the people who visit and all procedures are performed by well-trained and experienced laser aestheticians. 

What it’s like to get laser hair removal?

According to the experts at Clinic Dermatech, when you come for the appointment, it is better to have full growth so that the density, quality, and colour of hair, can be evaluated and the best laser be suggested for the same.

The technician will remove the hair at the start of the session. This is imperative as if there is hair on the surface, the laser will waste the energy in burning the hair and not the hair root. If the laser is not able to reach the hair root, the same will not be destroyed completely and one will see hair growth again. 

The body area is marked with chalk and a cooling gel is applied (akin to the one that is used in ultrasounds.) The laser is run over the skin and the feeling is like that of a rubber band snapping against the skin. To reduce any uncomfortable sensation, Clinic Dermatech uses lasers with a cooling tip. 

How long does laser hair removal take?

The time taken for a session depends on the body area under treatment. Upper lips will take 10 minutes, underarms take 30 minutes while arms and legs a bit longer. The bikini area doesn’t take too long while one might have to spend 2 hours at a go for a session of the whole body. 

One can see reduced hair growth from the third session itself as the hair growth lessens with each session. Reduced hair growth due to laser hair reduction also depends on the body area under treatment. 

It has been seen that the areas of coarse hair, such as the lower legs, bikini area, and underarms, respond the fastest while finer facial hair responds the slowest.

It takes 6-8 sessions for the laser hair reduction treatment with the time between two sessions increasing with each session. It is possible to complete the treatment within a few months. 

How long does laser hair removal last?

At least 85%* of all targeted hair is destroyed in 6-8 sessions that can take a few months. The reason is that lasers can target hair in a specific phase of growth only and thus assuming that the hair follicles will be at different phases of growth, it is not possible to assure a 100% result in each session. 

This is the reason Clinic Dermatech uses the term Laser Hair Reduction (and not Complete Laser Hair Removal). 

Though Laser Hair Reduction is permanent, the hair follicles that were not destroyed or are just damaged, grow back. Such hair will be much less in quantity than before (start of the treatment) and will be finer and less coarse than before. Yes, there will be a reduction in density of hair and there will be a lesser number of active hairs in the treated area. 

After completing the sessions, one might not need to touch-up or maintenance sessions for 2-6 years after the end of the treatment. If hair does grow back, it has been seen that one needs one or two touch-up sessions in a year. 

Other factors can also determine how long hair removal lasts.  These are the energy levels of lasers used, the expertise of the laser technician, and underlying conditions of the skin. Hormonal changes in the body due to pregnancy, menopause and other reasons can also lead to hair growth after a few years of completion of laser hair reduction treatment. 

Is Laser Hair Removal for Men too?

Not only women, but even men are considering Laser Hair Removal as a permanent way to stop hair growth. A lot of men dislike the daily routine of shaving but have no other option than shave day in and day out. A lot of men who sport beards are using laser hair reduction as a way of shaping their beards. Some men are also using lasers as a way of controlling hair on chin, neck, chest, backs and even down there. Manscaping is a reality!

Laser Hair Reduction at Clinic Dermatech

You can book a consultation for Laser Hair Reduction by visiting or walking into your nearest Clinic Dermatech located at Delhi NCR (New Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad), Agra, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kurukshetra, and Mumbai.  One can also call 8905320330 to book an appointment. 

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