Laser Hair Reduction is a quite successful method for hair removal that gives long-term and long-lasting results. It is a safe and secure method that is used across the globe to remove unwanted body hair. It could be hair on the chin or above the upper lips, it could be the underarms, arms, back and even down there! Yes, just like bikini wax is popular, so is laser hair removal in the sensitive and private areas. Men prefer to go in for hair removal on their chest and back regions; additionally, the trend of keeping a beard has increased the demand of lasers as men are preferring to shape their beards with lasers.

laser hair removal

Is there any side-effect of Laser Hair Removal?

One burning question that often crosses the mind of a person who thinks of going for laser. When it comes to laser, people are mostly worried about the side-effects of laser hair removal. Well, we asked dermatologist of leading cosmetic dermatology, Clinic Dermatech the same question and we are surprised to know some impeccable benefits.

No More Hair Growth

Hair growth is massively restricted with laser hair reduction as the lasers target the follicles or roots of the hair, damaging them and thus hampering their growth potential. Since the hair that is in a growing phase is affected by lasers; subsequent laser hair reduction sessions take care of the hair that is left behind. Up to 90% reduction of hair is possible over the course of 6 sessions, that could take 18 months. With just a customary maintenance session once a year, the results of permanent laser removal are long-lasting.

You don’t have to wait for Hair to grow before the next session

Many hair removal techniques, including waxing, epilators, creams et al need surface hair to appear before they can act. But a session of laser hair reduction requires the area to be shavedbefore it’s treated. This is necessary so that the laser can target the hair follicles otherwise only the surface hair would be burned. Laser Hair Reduction, thus means that you can be fuzz-free in the interim waiting time period between sessions.

No Ingrown Hairs

Regular hair removal methods like waxing, threading and even epilators pull on the hair and there is a greater chance of ingrown hairs happening. Not only are ingrown hair unsightly, but the process for getting rid of them is quite painful. One can get rid of ingrown hairs with laser hair reduction.

No more Burns or Irritation

Razors are known to give razor burns and cause irritation to the skin. Laser Hair Reduction is perfectly safe with minimal chances of skin burns. In fact the laser hair removal work on the face as well; and you can get your chin, cheeks, upper lips done.

Laser Hair Reduction is Precise

During Laser Hair Removal, the lasers specifically target the hair follicles deep within the skin. It is very precise as the laser penetrates the skin layer to reach the hair root. Thus, one gets results faster and it is long-lasting as the follicle gets damaged and this hampers its growth.

Laser Hair Reduction is Time Saving

A session of Laser Hair Reduction doesn’t take much time. The swiftness of the procedure depends on the size of the area being treated, which means that the area above the upper lips may take only 10 minutes, whereas underarms may take 30 minutes, and whole legs or arms may take up to an hour. Results can be seen within a few weeks of a session and the time period between the sessions gradually increases as the hair growth slows down. The time that one used to spent in salons for waxing or shaving at home is saved by taking laser hair removal sessions.

Laser Hair Reduction Saves Money

Think of the cost that you incur while getting waxing done twice or thrice a month at salons. With laser hair reduction, you don’t need to spend money on expensive waxing sessions, buying razors, depilatory creams and on any other methods of hair removal. While the initial Laser Hair Removal cost may seem bit high, but the actual cost that you spend on hair removal accessories or at salons is much higher.

Other Minimal Side effects

There may be minimal side effects like tanning or darkening of the skin or even minor burning sensation of the skin. But these are minor side effects that go away after a few days and do not tend to last. Laser Hair Reduction is a safe procedure with no damage to the skin or the underlying tissues.

Consult Your Dermatologist

As with anything concerning your well-being, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist before getting started with the procedure. One should get Laser Hair Reduction done from a well-known center which has experience of more than a decade and uses the latest lasers.

Laser Hair Reduction in Delhi at Clinic Dermatech

Clinic Dermatech is amongst the first in the country to offer Laser Hair Reduction and has 13 Years of experience. We use the most advanced and most effective lasers for Hair Reduction and our team of practitioners is expertly trained and all procedures are conducted under the guidance of a dermatologist.  For more information, call us @ 8905320330 and Email –


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