What can one say about Holi – It is the ONE festival that one looks forward to the whole year. The pinks, the reds, the yellows, the greens and every other colour make such a gorgeous kaleidoscope. With a palette ofsundry colours, it is you who is the canvas!

This genteel canvas can be damaged with all the chemicals in the colours and the post-Holi clean-up. All that scrubbing to get rid of the colours, makes the skin tender and many are known to develop allergy and rashes. Not to forget the hair becoming dry and brittle.

Tips for Holi from Clinic Dermatech

Clinic Dermatech, India’s Leading Skin, Hair and Beauty Clinic, offers tips so that you can enjoy Holi without fear. Just follow these time-tested tips and enjoy the Festival of Colour

holi Celebration Ideas

Oil and Moisturise Your Body

Lather your body well with coconut oil or mustard oil. This will form a protective layer over the skin. If you are not a fan of oils, use a good moisturiser or body lotion and be generous with its application. Not just the face, pay attention to the throat, neck and hands too. Not to forget the feet, especially the toes.

Use a Foundation

You can also use a thin foundation base to cover the face. It is best if you apply a water-proof base.Besides giving a smooth finish for all the pre-Holi pictures, it will shield your gentle skin from the onslaught of dry colours.

Apply Vaseline to the Lips

Apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your lips. This will keep your lips from getting cracked when all that colour comes flying in. You can also apply a long stay and non-transferable to be picture ready for all the selfies and candid shots.

Hair care for Holi

For your hair, you can use coconut oil or olive oil or even almond oil. The oil will prevent the colours from settling on the scalp which can cause itching. The oil will form a layer over the hair and helps the colours come off easily when you wash your hair. Don’t forget to oil the hair line as well.

Polish Your Nails

Apply nail paint on your nails, preferably a dark colour. This keeps Holi colours from settling onto the base of the nails and giving an unappealing multi-coloured hue to the nails. You can easily take off the nail paint later. Don’t forget to oil under the nails as well as between the fingers as colours have a way of settling there.


So, follow these simple tips and keep post-Holi skin and hair troubles at bay.
Celebrate this Holi with a festive spirit!


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