When you are done with all the playing of colours in Holi, coms the mega-job of cleansing yourself. This is no easy job as we all have seen since childhood. You could be playing with skin-friendly organic colours but there is no guarantee that the colours being smeared on you are also safe.

Here are a few tips for you to ensure that your skin and hair are free of colours after playing Holi.

Rinsing and Washing

Never use hot water to wash off the colour as it might cause the solidify and stain the skin. Rinse off with tap water. Don’t scrub your face as it can lead to the colour getting in deeper through open pores and can cause rashes and allergy.

Be friends with Oil

Post rinsing, wipe the visible areas of your body with coconut oil or almond oil. Just dab some oil on a cotton ball and wipe away the colours. If you prefer olive oil, go ahead.

Make a Special Pack for Yourself

For best removal of colours, try this time-tested grandmother’s paste of besan with yogurt or raw milk. Mix in some rose water and lemon juice and apply it on your skin, whether it is your face or body. Rinse gently after 5-10 minutes and find all colour gone.

For Stubborn Stains

Post a bath, if you still find colour on your face and hands, you can try patting lemon juice on the face and leaving it on. People who donot like the stinging sensation of lemon juice should avoid this. You can soak amchur powder and apply this paste on your face and wash off when dry.

To give a glow to the face, apply multani mitti or Fuller’s Earth. If you find it too drying, try adding honey to the mix.

You can also apply glyercine with rose water. Rinse off after 10 minutes.

For Your Hair

Apply a mixture of egg and curd on the hair and leave it on for some time. Then wash off using a mild shampoo and find your hair free of all damaging Holi colour chemicals. Oil your hair every night for at least a week post Holi as the colours tend to dry out the hair. You can also condition your hair by applying a specially boiled mix of fenugreek seeds, shikakai powder and amla powder. If you find that your hair has lost colour, apply henna for some 30 minutes only, which will condition your hair as well.

Forget the Bleach

Do not go anywhere near the bleach for at least a week. Your skin is still tender from all the chemicals in the colours and all that scrubbing to get the colour out. Bleaching at this point can aggravate your skin and burn it.

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