Often when people find that their eyelids are sagging, in reality they have a drooping forehead and brows. This nature of downward sliding skin causes the eyelid to fold over the eyes. Many times, especially in men, the drooping brow causes the long eyebrow hair to come down to the level of the eyelashes and this obstructs the vision. Simply raising the forehead or lifting the brow without even correcting the eyelids solves this problem and dramatically improves the visual angle.

Recently, at Clinic Dermatech, India’s leading Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic, shared that an ageing couple came in for treatment of droopy brows because they felt that they were missing out on a lot of things due to restricted sight. This shows how facial rejuvenation can not only manage the aging process, but also enhance the appearance.


When it comes to drooping brows, there are many treatment options available to for correction of the same. For example, a droopy eyebrow can be treated with Botox, or it may be fixed with surgical method of brow lift under facial rejuvenation treatment.

Here, we will explain both- take a look at each.


Botox has become one of the most popular treatments in the field of aesthetic correction. It has established its power to fight against frown lines and droopy brows. This treatment procedure has been extensively researched and was basically used for the therapeutic treatment of muscle disorders. When injected into muscles, this product paralyzes the strength of muscle contractions, thus allowing the skin to look younger than age and result in fewer lines and a height in the brow line.

Botox treatment takes just a few minutes and does not require anaesthesia. Any mild discomfort will fade away in a few minutes. However, the treatment needs to be repeated every 3 to 6 months in order to keep the brow from pulling downward.

Surgical Brow Lift under Facial Rejuvenation


Surgical process of brow lift can be done in two ways- traditional technique and endoscopic technique. A brow lift may effectively correct signs of aging appearing on the forehead, such as deep frown line lines. Finally, after surgery the eyes may also appear more awake and energetic due to the lift.

Although it takes a longer recovery time with surgical method than with Botox, most people can return to work within about a week. Swelling and bruising are natural and the pain is relatively mild, with most patients experiencing a feeling of tightness and numbness post surgery. At the end, the result from a surgical brow lift is enduring and far outlasts Botox.

Thus, forehead and brow lifting can make a dramatic improvement to an ageing and tired face. If you think you might be a candidate, give us a call. We will arrange your visit to Clinic Dermatech soon.


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