If a glance in the mirror reveals uneven skin tone, dullness, dark spots (a.k.a hyper-pigmentation) or an overall lackluster complexion, it can be overwhelming to think about where to start improving. To even your skin tone, you’ve got to treat the root cause of it.


What is the reason behind the uneven skin tone?

It is well-known that Melanin is a pigment that our body produces to determine the colour of our eyes, hair, and skin tone. It is produced by ‘Melanocytes’ cells. When these melanocytes become unhealthy, damaged or are overactive, they start producing excess melanin in some areas of the skin. This causes the areas to darken and your skin may appear to look uneven and unhealthy.

Blemished Skin Reduces the confidence

Blemished skin, dark spots or patches on the skin are caused due to unhealthy conditions. A blemish is usually differentiated by the loss of colouration of the skin, where a blemish is found. They are generally common in skin that has acne, whiteheads or blackheads.

Do you know there are different types of skin blemishes?

• Blackheads: Blackheads and large pores often go hand in hand; especially if you have oily skin. However, blackheads can occur at any time due to excess oil and dry skin can clog your pores at any hour. Consult a dermatologist at Clinic Dermatech for the right advice according to your skin type.
• Pimples: Pimples are caused by facial pores becoming clogged. It can be avoided by following a strict regime of cleansing, medicating and spot-treating. Spot-treatment includes the use of facial masks. To do away with pimples, consult a dermatologist before trying any product.
• Cysts: Cysts, like pustules, are pus-filled lumps under the skin. Both can leave scarring in the affected area, if not treated properly. Don’t ignore such lumps; consult dermatologists at Clinic Dermatech who can help you with the best treatment.
It is important to recognize the types of skin blemishes you have and get a proper treatment of your skin.

Can One be Free of Blemish Skin?

Our skin acts as a bridge to the environment. A glowing blemish-free skin shapes our first impression. It not only makes a person confident but also underlines the signs of blooming health.
If one has blemish skin, it is advised to fix up a meeting with a qualified dermatologist who can suggest products according to one’s skin type and then one can start following a skin-care program.

Blemish Free Skin Care Solutions from Clinic Dermatech

Dermatologists from Clinic Dermatech recommends Carbon Miracle Face Therapy and Ciel Beauty Products for a blemish-free skin.

Carbon Miracle Face Therapy From Clinic Dermatech

Carbon Miracle Face Therapy from Clinic Dermatech is an advanced facial treatment to provide radiant skin. It is an effective science blended with a perfect mix of cutting-edge technology and the power of activated carbon. It helps your skin looking hydrated and refreshed. It works on all areas of skin problems a long-lasting solution.
Carbon Miracle Face Therapy helps in whitening the skin by lightening spots and blemishes; thus, enhancing the skin tone for a brighter look. It deep cleanses the skin by removing impurities, further hydrating and nourishing the skin. It works as an anti-ageing tool that helps in tightening and toning the skin while reducing wrinkles and age spots.

Special Uneven skin tone products From Clinic Dermatech

Clinic Dermatech provides a wide range of products for uneven skin tone. Our dermatologists suggest that Vitamin A and Vitamin C are vital to promoting skin renewal. Vitamin A impacts the cellular processes on the upper and inner layers of the skin while Vitamin C works on lines, wrinkles and sun-damaged skin. Book an appointment with a dermatologist that can help you choose uneven skin tone products will work best on your skin.

Stay Confident with Radiant and Blemish-free Skin

A blemish-free face will let you put your best face forward, and give you naturally glowing skin; making you feel confident even on no-makeup days. With proper skincare treatments from good dermatologists and the best skincare clinics along with the use of quality skincare products, one can leave uneven skin tone behind.


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