Here comes the delightful season of respite after the blazing heat of the summers. The Monsoon season brings along a wonderful time to enjoy tea and jalebis. Though the season brings respite from heat waves, the humidity and the dampness increases in the atmosphere during monsoon which can cause skin-related issues such as rashes, pimples, eczema and so on. Skincare in monsoon becomes imperative as the skin comes in contact with polluted and acidic rainwater.

skincare routine in monsoon

As a skincare clinic, we at Clinic Dermatech receive such queries on a daily basis about exfoliation. This skin care technique is essential for all skin types, but most of us tend to ignore it because of our strained time schedules.
To keep your skin radiant and happy in monsoon season follow some monsoon tips that help in restoring the smoothness of the skin.

What is exfoliation?>

Skin constantly shed skin cells, moving older skin cells towards the outermost layer of the skin, eventually leaving behind fresher, smoother skin. With age, the exfoliation process of your skin slows down.

How does exfoliating help the skin?

Exfoliation speeds up your skin’s regeneration process and helps it to become younger. The real purpose is to get rid of older/ dead cells that contain pollutants, microorganisms, and damaged proteins. Exfoliation done in a right way restores the skin’s radiant texture. If done too harshly or too often, it will damage layers of skin cells.

Why is it important to focus on Skincare in the rainy reason?

During rains, the body perspires less and results in dead skin cells and blocked pores. The humidity during monsoons makes dry skin, flaky and itchy; while oily skin becomes clogged, prone to breakouts, blackheads, and acne. Don’t neglect your routine skincare in the rainy season as your skin is more prone to pollutants and germs in this season.

What are the skin related precautions to be taken during the rainy season?

Everyone loves to get wet in showers of rain, but the acidic rainwater takes away all the glow from the skin. It is important to keep your skin hydrated and away from pollutants.

Remember what our mother used to say? Rinse your feet and moisturize it; when you are back home. You should get rid of the sweat and humidity of your skin as bacteria settle on the skin and cause skin diseases.

Don’t become your own doctor and start treating yourself with each and every OTC (over-the-counter) medicine. Consult an experienced dermatologist for any kind of skin problem.

Watch your diet, especially oily food as it can cause a burst of acne, pimples, zits et al.  Stay hydrated, drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

Just keep in mind the precautions to be taken during the rainy season.

What are the tips for skincare in the monsoons?

Your Skincare in monsoon is an imperative routine as it keeps your skin soft and smooth. You may not have to change it totally but may have to tweak it as your skin adjusts from heatwaves of the summers to the wet and humid rainy season. Don’t forget to cleanse your make-up with Ciel Absolute Cleanser followed by Ciel energizing night cream that contains Vitamin A, C, and Hyaluronic Acid.

Get hydrating facials done as the skin swings between moisture-absorbing winds which dry your skin, and humidity makes you sweat a lot more. Most of us work in air-conditioned offices and travel in AC cars that are great to keep humidity out but dry the skin a lot.

Experts at Clinic Dermatech recommends the Hylite Therapy as the must-do facial for the rainy season. It revives and rejuvenates your skin like nothing else and gives you a glowing and radiant skin. Your skin appears fresh and bright like the greens during the rainy season.

What is Hylite Therapy from Clinic Dermatech?

Clinic Dermatech’s exclusive Hylite Therapy is the most effective non-invasive and anti-ageing therapy during the monsoon season. Using the Beautytek Light device from Germany, Hylite offers wrinkle treatment and skin rejuvenation, without any surgery. The cold laser treatment allows for a specially developed Hyaluronic acid “Pure Hyaluronate” to penetrate the skin smoothly, without using a needle, restoring its natural tautness and youthful freshness. Hyaluronic serum with bio white acts as an anti-pigmenting and instant whitening active. Skin looks and feels smoother, with visibly fewer wrinkles and enhanced glow.

We recommend consulting experts at Clinic Dermatech at least once in the monsoon season to keep all the skin care problems away as skincare in the rainy season is important. Clinic Dermatech is North India’s Most Awarded Skincare clinic where we provide consultations with leading dermatologists and skincare professionals. Clinic Dermatech skincare services are designed by doctors and have been medically designed to give their customers the best results.


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