“It’s easy for someone to joke about scars if they’ve never been cut.”- William Shakespeare.

Yes, it is true! If you have scar, it is likely that you are conscious about your it and your look. It may not be so but people tend to notice scars and imperfections first and keep glancing at it again and again. You may even suffer from low self-esteem because of the behaviour of people around you. Thankfully, there are treatments available to remove the scarring of the skin.

There are many conditions that can cause scar, from burns or accidental injuries or surgical procedures. Scars are formed when fibrous tissues heal the damaged skin in an uneven manner after an injury.

Most scar treatments can make the scars look less obvious and effectively reduce the stretching and tightness that are being caused by the new tissues. There are various factors that may affect the result – that is the level of improvement you expect to see – including your skin type, colour, skin and the nature of scar itself. Scar revision treatment can improve the conditions of such scars, and add aesthetic perfection to your look considerably

Revision Procedure

Various cosmetic treatments are available to resolve scar problem. These choices range from laser therapy to microdermabrasion to surgery. Surgery maybe required in some cases only. Laser treatment as well as microdermabrasion work by removing the upper layers of your skin, thus allowing the skin to grow back smoother. Eventually the appearance of the scar is lessened.

At Clinic Dermatech, your treatment will be performed by veteran cosmetologists and plastic surgeons in a sophisticated environment. The procedure itself takes an hour or more and is generally performed under local anaesthesia. Considering the severity of the scar, the revision treatment may takes more time. It is possible that the complete procedure will be carried out under general anaesthesia.

You can take time to talk to one of our specialists beforehand to discuss the complete procedure and the after-effects that is likely to have for you. Please keep in mind to have real-life expectations before undergoing the treatment.


Seeking a Consultation

When you need scar revision surgery, your surgeon and you will need to arrive at an understanding about your expectations from this treatment and the benefits that you will experience thereafter. We at Clinic Dermatech believe that every patient is different, and the plastic surgeon will choose the right surgical treatment plan that suits your condition. If you choose to have surgery, your surgeon will give you specific instructions on how to get ready for the surgery, including other additional guidelines. The clinic provides state-of-the-art surgical suits and modern equipment.

No matter how ugly a scar looks, it can be made to look better. Because we believe that changing how your scar looks can help improve your self-esteem and change the way how you feel about yourself.

For more details on Scar Removal through Surgery, call Clinic Dermatech at 8905320330 (Delhi NCR) or 8430150151 (Mumbai) or visit www.clinicdermatech.com.

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