The volume gets louder and the grounds buzz with excitement for the 9 days of Garba and Dandiya! Ever since the festival of Navratri arrived on September 21st, Delhiites have been busy flaunting the best of their festive attire and look. With almost everyone ready with the best outfits and jewelry, it’s time to groom yourself with the right skin care treatment from Clinic Dermatech.

Men in the ‘Beauty Race’

As the beauty brands are emerging with their attractive male ambassadors, genderless makeup is making its way into the beauty world. Beyond everything else, men also deserve a little glow this Navaratri! Clinic Dermatech offers bespoke treatments to suit your needs. Our undivided attention and professional approach to complete health and skin care treatments enable us to provide customized packages for male grooming and maintenance, ensuring best results for you to look your best.

A clean shave, ironed cloths and you’re out the door? Not anymore for any men. New-age men are willing to put their shining face forward by having their own beauty treatments like waxing, body polishing, advanced facial, acne treatment and many more.  From body shaping to hair restoration, guys are getting every treatment for perfection.


Who doesn’t want acne and scar free face? During this time when men are setting beauty trends during festive seasons, beauty salons, spas and clinics report an avalanche of male visitors coming for facials, anti-tans, acne treatments and cleanups. Their shimmering face might make the girls envy. All you need is- Keep calm and let them be jealous!

Tan Removal

Men have started to realize that a sun-kissed skin goes a long way, and that the only way to go is to fake. Clinic Dermatech comes with offers this festive season on all their services to gear up men with the best skin to rock at dandiya nights.

Dermal Fillers

Today, men are also in the line to look younger by plumping up their face. Dermal fillers are injected inside the skin to treat facial folds and wrinkles to give patients a more rejuvenating and youthful appearance. The common areas where men are using fillers are the smile lines and the lower eyelids in order to decrease the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Manicures and Pedicures

Just like women, men also go for the basic manicures and pedicures. Today, they are all up for luxurious manicures and pedicures and pamper their body with body polishes and more. The festive season brings high demand amongst men for advanced facials, photo facial, body polishes, acne treatments, and more. In fact, the guys want to glam up to make them noticeable in pandals and fests all throughout the night. So it is time for men to get some stunning makeover.


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