Every girl wants to look like a Diva on her wedding day.But those crash diets and crazy workout sessions can demotivate anyone in between and, can literally suck the patience out of the to-be-bride.

Many brides hence adopt the shortcut like liposuction. But it involves a lot of needlework and  surgery on your body. If the brides are looking forward to something that is effective and needleless they would not want to go for that option. In our search for something that is perfect for brides, we came across CryoSculpting by Clinic Dermatech. They are experts in body shape treatments.

These treatments are non-invasive.They hardly consume an hour or two, where brides can watch videos and movies during the procedure. This body shaping treatment has proven to be very effective and satisfactory. CryoSculpting is relatively new in India, and Clinic Dermatech is the pioneer of CryoSculpting in India.

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CryoSculpting freezes the stubborn fat and this fat is eliminated from the body naturally. There is no need to follow a special diet and no special care is needed for the patients. However, like we all know that everyone has to be a little thoughtful while eating. A treatment can burn fat, but to maintain, you need to eat mindfully – for example, instead of going for a full piece of cake go for a plate of fruits with one spoon of cake.

Many trainers in the gym suggest supplements, but this body shaping treatment does not involve intake of any supplements. It is a proven technique. Hence we ask the bride of the season to book an appointment at Clinic Dermatech for consultation and go for one session of free consultation. With this you will get to know what the treatment is like and if suitable for you or not.

Many brides are worried about the side effects of the treatment. The only side effect that we came across was minute rashes and redness in the treatment area which disappear in three to four days. After the treatment, there is no change in the distribution of the fat cells in non-treated area.

Clinic Dermatech has excelled in CryoSculpting and it has proven results. They have a very humble setting and much time and consideration has been put in to ensure that the clients comfort and relaxation are matched with the ongoing developments within the aesthetics world. Their Clients have commented on the setting with great affirmation, saying they feel so relaxed they could fall asleep during their treatments, and also referring to their time here as their ‘own little moment of zen.’

 Importance is given to very minute detail, so that the to-be-brides look pretty on their wedding day. The consultation is given multiple times and service is given when the bride has understood the process. First they try it on a small area to see if there are any rashes, and later on they start the sculpting for other parts of the body.

 If you are a bride this season, and you are lazy to hit the gym; if you have tried various fat loss programs and failed. We would strongly suggest you try this and see the difference in shape of your body.

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