Winter is the season which takes a toll on your skin as you encounter excessive dryness and itchiness. That is why you should take extra care of your skin. Your face, hands, and feet are mostly exposed to the chill and are prone to get affected. You can experience problems like crack and formation of flakes on the exposed part. This often results in bleeding which is a bad sight to see.

With winter we experience a dry, coarse skin, which means waxing or threading is bound to get painful. Dry skin is not compatible with hair reduction or removing unwanted hairs. So, in order to give you a silky smooth skin, Clinic Dermatech brings you laser hair removal technique. They are committed to permanently remove unwanted hair from your body in the most effective way and through a completely painless procedure. The end result is a complete silky smooth skin without any traces of body hair which will make you look fresh and graceful this winter.

smooth skin winter

How does it help in hair reduction?

Clinic Dermatech scientifically removes your hair by understanding the hair growth on your body. There are 3 stages of hair growth- the “Active Growth or Anagen phase”, the “Regressive or Catagen phase” and the “Resting or the Telogen phase”. During winter, laser hair removal is the most effective way to remove the actively growing body hair.

The laser hair targets the melanin, which is abundantly present in the hair shaft during the active growth phase. The melanin is the reason for your skin and hair colour. Depending on how much coarse your body hair is, the density, the growth cycle, Clinic Dermatech recommends the application of IPL, Diode or ND Yag laser treatment for removing unwanted hairs.

  • IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is the application of a highly powerful, command driven flash gun which generates a wide spectrum of pulse light to target the hair follicles and remove them permanently.
  • Diode laser hair removal is effective on darker skin and works well on lighter hair.
  • The ND yag laser hair removal can be used safely for any types of skin, including tanned skin.

At Clinic Dermatech, you will have to undergo 6 to 8 sessions of hair reduction processes for your unwanted hairs. If you are suffering from hormonal imbalance or menopause or if you have delivered a while ago, chances are that you may have unwanted hair growth. In these cases, you may need to go for additional treatments of hair reduction.


At our clinic, you may expect more than 80% reduction of hair. But you must remember that you should not wax your hair before the treatment and avoid applying any kind of lotions or spirit on the skin on the day of treatment. If you encounter redness of your skin, that is going to vanish within 30 minutes.

At Clinic Dermatech, we only appoint people who are certified to handle technology and know how to give you a painless hair reduction service. So, if you want to get a smooth skin by removing unwanted hairs, contact us soon.



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