On your wedding day, one thing which has the power to make you look stunning is your hair. Hair care is perhaps the hardest of the beauty care regimen especially if you have damaged dull and unruly hair. If you are not bestowed with shiny silky hair, then you have to be extra cautious of your hair care to get a beautiful hair on your wedding day. Even if it is not your wedding, you ought to sport beautiful hairs. If you have not got enough time for visiting the parlor or taking enough care at home, Clinic Dermatech is there for you, with their advanced and scientific hair treatment and hair care which can give you long lasting beautiful hair.



Choose a mild shampoo for your hair as other products with harsh chemicals can reap the natural moisture of your hair giving it a dead look. One best product is Ciel Advance Hair Care Shampoo which has Keratin and Vitamin B5 which helps your hair look smoother and manageable. Follow it up with the Advance Hair Care Conditioner which will lock the essential nutrients in your hair. If you don’t want to prepare hair mask at home, use the Ciel Advanced Hair Care Mask which rebuilds damaged hair and provides complete nourishment.


One thing you should remember is, you must have patience because the entire hair care regimen as mentioned above will take the time to work. So, begin at least two months prior to your wedding for long and beautiful hairs. 

Other Treatments

There are a number of hair treatments which promise to give you beautiful hairs. This includes: 

1.      Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

It is a clinically proven and dermatologically tested treatment for hair growth. This is a completely natural treatment where the plasma from one’s own blood is used for hair treatment. The process includes injecting highly concentrated platelet rich plasma into the scalp and topically. These platelets will stimulate the stem cells in the Dermal Papilla and other regions of the hair follicle. This will help the healing of the hair tissue and regeneration of hair. Clinic Dermatech is certified to perform this treatment. 

2.      Meso Treatment

Meso Treatment is done in combination with PRP which involves using an Anti Hair Loss Serum injected into the scalp through a Meso Gun or a derma roller. This serum is a mixture of 56 ingredients which nurtures the hair follicles.

3.       Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy, off late, has been hugely popular for hair growth. Ciel Dermatech uses a stem cell serum which is composed of stem cell abstract derived from adipose tissue. This serum moisturizes, nourishes and improves the hair growth by increasing the blood circulation and regenerating the hair follicles on your scalp. A Meso gun or derma roller is used to infuse the stem cell serum into your hair follicles. This results in the reduction of hair loss and promoting beautiful hair.


So, what are you waiting for? Don’t fret as all the above said treatments are extremely pocket-friendly. Book an appointment with us and consult our experts beforehand to know what treatments are required for you and how many sessions you have to attend. After all, who wants to have a bad hair day on an auspicious occasion?


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