Staying young, beautiful, and having a healthy skin is what every woman desires in life. Some women have that perfect looking skin naturally and for others, Clinic Dermatech has an advanced solution to make your skin look vibrant and young!

With pollution levels rising, there are a lot of issues that cause damage to your skin and if you have a job that needs travel, God bless you with the tan and pimples. Regular care and treatment of your skin is very important so that your skin does not age and look tired.

Skin tips

Clinic Dermatech has a customized skin treatment program, where the dermatologists and skin specialists first examine the type of skin and then treat it accordingly. For long lasting glow, one can go for the  advanced facial that brings a radiant glow to all types of skin. The USP of this treatment is the nourishing mask that is applied after the treatment. The facial can be repeated monthly for the best looking results. Other than the advanced facial, there is a signature facial which is for skin polishing and mild exfoliation. The signature facial is used for skin hydration and freshness.

One of the most effective product for skin is the carbon miracle that is a result of cutting edge technology and the power of activated carbon that lighten the spots, blemishes, enhances skin tone, has anti-aging properties, removes blackheads and improves the quality of skin.

These are some of the regular treatments that one must take to keep the skin glowing and healthy other than the advanced treatment. It is important that on a daily basis you make cleansing, toning and moisturizing a habit. Also, remember that using a good quality sunblock is a must. Clinic dermatech has a special range of all the products that are needed for keeping your skin glowing.


There are reason why Clinic Dermatech is so popular for skin treatments. It is because of their service quality and the satisfied customers. Most clinics charge a lot to the customer without much visible improvements on the skin quality. But at Clinic Dermatech,the clients are made to meet the specialists multiple times so that they know what is the current condition of their skin and the likely improvements that they will have because of the treatment. All the customers, whether it is for a simple facial or a face lift treatment, they go through a counselling. They are told how can they improve the skin quality by taking regular treatments and simple DIY’s that will help their skin to retain the shine.

If you are looking for some skin treatments like acne removal, mole removal, stretch mark removal, birthmark removal, etc. Clinic dermatech has a proven record of satisfied customers who vouch for their service. The team is highly skilled and trained to give the best treatments. The patients undergo multiple consultancies before any service suggestion.

Your skin and face is the most visible and exposed part of your body. You need to take good care of it so that you look young and fresh with years passing by.


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